About Jamison Woodcraft

Frank Jamison is a Master Carpenter with over 35 years of experience. specializing in historical restorations. Frank often says "God I love my Job" throughout the day while recreating, reworking, and preserving America's history. You can email us by using the form on the contact page or call 610-393-1085 today to learn more about how Frank can turn your dream into a reality!

Historical Restoration & Reproduction

Jamison Woodcraft is not just a construction professional or general contractor. We're a creator with a vision. We do things with intent and intelligence. We strive to go beyond simply 'capable' to achieve a level of elegance in our work that sets us far apart from the rest.

High-End Craftsmanship

We believe in the caliber of our work and we stand by it. Period. Our methodology and meticulousness are unmatched. We are known in many circles for being the go-to source for exquisite work that not only stands out for exceptional quality. But, meshes perfectly with its surroundings and exceeds its design specifications as a new work or replacement/recreation piece.

International & Old-World Works

Jamison Woodcraft is one of the few vendors in the world that can provide such a broad range of full-scale historical reproduction services at the international level. We can work in any old-world style, recreate any unique motif and solve any visual problem with a historically accurate solution that meets your needs, in the USA or abroad. Check out our work below!